This Is Not Gabriel.

It’s a picture of John Wayne.

Whether it is feature, TV, branded entertainment or commercial, Gabriel believes that a good film is based on the psychology behind its characters that will be the main drive for the story to unfold. He likes to create surreal worlds, funny and absurd stories, cheeky comedy and has a strong passion for poetry.

He studied in the United States, Germany and Canada before choosing Munich as his current operating base. On a side note, Gabriel also loves to edit films and works as Creative Director for brands like BMW, Eurojackpot, Holiday Check, Wacker Chemie & Paramount Pictures.



  • Golden Award Of Montreux 2018
  • Spotlight Werbefilmfestival, 2018
  • ADC – Art Directors Club Germany, 2018
  • Porsche Advertising Film Award, 2017
  • CLIO Awards, 2017
  • Golden Award Of Montreux 2017
  • Cannes Young Director Award 2015
  • 17th LA Comedy Filmfest, USA 2015 ; “Best Foreign Film”
  • ADC – Art Directors Club Germany, 2015
  • KuFiFe Stuttgart, Germany 2015
  • Comedy Cluj IFF, Romania 2014
  • Golden Award Of Montreux, Switzerland 2014
  • CLIO Awards, 2014
  • ADC – Art Directors Club Germany, 2013
  • Film-Sharing Festival, Germany 2013
  • Saatchi & Saatchi New German Director’s Showcase, 2013
  • Porsche Advertising Film Award, 2013 ; “New Ways Award”
  • Beijing Film Academy’s 12th ISFF, 2013 ; “Audience Award”
  • 15th CineMAiubit ISFF Bucharest, 2011


  • Spotlight Werbefilmfestival, 2018
  • Deutscher Werbefilmpreis, 2018
  • Cannes Young Director Award, 2017
  • Spotlight Werbefilmfestival, 2017
  • Mirror Mountain Film Festival (Best Short, Best Script), Canada 2015
  • Spotlight Werbefilmfestival, 2015
  • Lyndy Stout’s 1.4 | Onepoinfour Award, UK 2015
  • Short Of The Month Online Award (Best Cinematography), January 2015
  • Los Angeles Film Review (Best Editing, Best Sound, Best Visual Effects), USA 2015
  • Spotlight Werbefilmfestival, 2013
  • Hessian Film Award (student category), Germany 2006

I mean, after all, you have to consider we’re only made out of dust. That’s admittedly not much to go on and we shouldn’t forget that. But even considering, I mean it’s sort of a bad beginning, we’re not doing too bad. So I personally have faith that even in this lousy situation we’re faced with we can make it. You get me?
Philip K Dick